A New Year Spread Mash-up

With a new year fast approaching, I’ve been looking everywhere for the perfect new year’s spread to do for my loved ones. This will be my first new year’s as a tarotist, and like any eager newbie, of course I have to observe all the Hallmark-equivelant worthy events.

If there is one thing I like, it’s new beginnings, whether it be the first of the month, the first of the year, birthdays, new books, new blogs… As Little Red Tarot points out in this post from 2012: “a new beginning can take place at any time”. Yes!

I made my own Optimist’s New Year Spread, but various recent events have made me wonder if it’s really suitable for a first of the year spread. I wonder if it’s not too… optimistic. It doesn’t look back, it doesn’t look ahead. It’s all about manifesting good thoughts… and isn’t that typically left to oracle cards? This is where I would normally shut my critical inner committee up, but maybe it had a point.*

The Optimist’s New Year Spread is a four card spread:


Card 1: How to manifest love in the coming year

Card 2: How to manifest blessings…

Card 3: How to manifest gratitude…

Card 4: How to “pay it forward”…

Anyway, when I saw Little Red’s New Year Spreadit instantly resonated with me as being almost perfect. It has positions for what’s surrounding you right now, what’s leaving your life at the end of this year, what’s coming into your life at the start of the year, how to focus energies. In short, it’s pretty amazing.

But, still eager to use my oh so optimistic spread, I wondered if I couldn’t… mash the two together, and why not?

New Year Optimist Additions

If you visit the links back to Little Red’s spread liberally scattered throughout this post, you’ll notice LR’s spread has 5 positions, and mine has 4… and you’ll wonder if I’m just that awful at math. Well, in most cases, yes, but in this case, no. I removed the 5th position in Little Red’s spread preferring to end on my own… optimistic note.

Positions 1-4 retain Little Red’s meanings which you’re going to have to visit the link to discover. Positions 5-8 are direct from my Optimist’s New Year spread, as a reminder:

Card 5: How to manifest love in the coming year

Card 6: How to manifest blessings…

Card 7: How to manifest gratitude…

Card 8: How to “pay it forward”…

Please note that Positions 1-4 utilize multiple cards for each position whereas my additions, being far less adventurous, utilize only 4 cards in total—one card per position. About using multiple cards in a position, Little Red writes:

I really feel that when cards are interpreted in twos and threes they become more than the sum of their parts – as well as the individual messages of the separate cards, there is the conflicting/supporting energy between them, the tension and the flow, which adds a useful extra dimension.

I couldn’t agree more. I typically use 6 cards in my Past, Present, Future readings—2 cards per position. So for The Optimist’s additions, I encourage you to be creative with the number (and type!) of cards you use, and go where the spirit takes you.

To quote Dag Hammarskjold, “For all that has been, thanks. For all that will be, yes!” Happy holidays everyone, all the best in 2014!

*I have nothing against oracle cards. I love them, especially my decks (see the nav menu for a list). In a wonderful stroke of luck, Jasmine over at Hellbound Witch answered a question about oracle vs tarot decks, you can read her excellent response here.